Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 3-6-7
1F 11:00 – 18:00
B1F 11:30 – 23:00
B2F 11:00 – 18:00


Matthew Jensen "The Sun Returning"


SEZON ART GALLERY will be holding a solo exhibition "The Sun Returning" by American photographer, Matthew Jensen, on 1st floor. Capturing things from various angles (methods), Matthew's expression making ordinary scenery/objects into something special through photography. For this exhibition, a series of works capturing the moment of the shimmering water surface looked from the sky will be presented. The expressions of the photography interlaced with the subtle differences of height, angle, weather, and landscape will seek the diverse and pleotropic way of looking at the world.Please enjoy the moment of Matthew's world, where the ordinary scenery transforms into the unordinary.

Yuki Imai and Keisuke Katsuki "CIRCUS Vol.1"


As a first step of excavating young artists, a duel exhibition of Yuki Imai and Keisuke Katsuki will be held. Like the name of the show, 「circus」, beside the definition of circus as an performance, a circular arena, and holding the meaning of a circular point where two paths intersect, a space given where these different two blend and repel each other in time is being imaged.

Soichi Yamaguchi solo exhibition "The Patterns"


SEZON ART GALLERY will be holding a solo exhibition "The patterns" by Soichi Yamaguchi on the 1st floor. Soichi Yamaguchi, making visual awareness the theme, creates his works. The information of what the thing holds changes based on the receiver, and can be apprehended as something different even when looking at the same thing. The act itself of "Looking at the thing" interacting with each consciousness processing the information changes the meaning of that thing in flux.

Being part of the new activity of SEZON Museum of Modern Art, we would like to announce the launch of “SEZON ART GALLERY” in Jingumae/Tokyo. This space with “Life in Art” as a theme is where art works causing friction with the outside world are sold in our gallery being united with a café/dining bar where people can inflate their imagination.