Art Student Exhibition 2017

There are many students who have the dream to become an artist. Unfortunately there is a limit on the students who can actually seize the opportunity to showcase their talents. Directly facing the reality of this situation, chasing this dream really passes on a feeling of a pure passion, and it is only possible to give out this emotion during the days of being a student; it fades away as one becomes an adult. For this show, SEZON ART GALLERY will have an exhibition that consists of two parts, with the works of Part 1 (3/31-4/11) being from 4 young artists (Yo Ishihara, Saya Ookubo, Junya Ogawa, and Tomohiro Kubota), and Part 2 (4/14-25) will exhibit 5 young artists (Shiori Koyama, Haruna Shinagawa, Asahi Sugai, Marie Takeda, and Yang Bo).


Soun Takeda solo exhibition "Shinka"

SEZON ART GALLERY will be holding an exhibition "Shinka" by calligrapher Souun Takeda. By changing the dramatic interpretation of the space according with each floor, a stage of "Caligraph" where Souun Takeda of the moment can be felt, new techniques, materials, and a direction drawn by concept where the sense of artsy works are executed, works with strong art-like elements will be exhibited.

Being part of the new activity of SEZON Museum of Modern Art, we would like to announce the launch of “SEZON ART GALLERY” in Jingumae/Tokyo. This space with “Life in Art” as a theme is where art works causing friction with the outside world are sold in our gallery being united with a café/dining bar where people can inflate their imagination.