Taishi HATAYAMA "Astray in Time"



We are pleased to present the first exhibition of artist Taishi Hatayama after successfully completing his postgraduate study at Tama Art University Graduate School.

His work is best described as being paintings of light within a truncated landscape. We find ourselves asking, whether on these canvases, there is an act of superimposition in his own production process on his experience in seeking light in an examination of the ocular fundus.

In the exchange of developing thoughts on the surface of the canvas we discover a phenomenon that can’t be grasped by the eyes alone, and indeed when we face the painting there is a centripetal force drawing us into it.

We hope you will enjoy this special exhibition where the movement of space in different vectors can be said to be a viewpoint intended from the painting and the gaze of its viewer.

Opening Party

2017.9.1 (fri) 18:00-20:00

Artist's schedule

I saw Taishi Hatayama’s work for the first time at the 2014 CAF ART AWARD Competition where I was one of the judges. It was a painting with an atmosphere of an entirely hazy whiteness which had been completed on canvas. It is difficult to comprehend what had been painted if one looked from afar. By coming closer and looking more carefully it becomes apparent that on the surface of the canvas there is a fine unevenness of paint, so that one could sense the mark of the brush. That is not to say that it was a method by which the world is represented by a mixture of shapes and marks, the painting is like a covered screen’s visibility, the line of sight had been materially, as if a “photon’s” behaviour was texturally transposed, captured. In other words, by carefully stretching, the texture becomes the threshold of the physical sense of immersion from the focal point to the entire surface, it approaches spinning reality. When appreciating this art, which has been described as a manner of expression similar to “touching with your eyes,” Hatayama’s painting is truly a visual and physical sensation. I feel that it is that aspect which is the essentially interesting part of his work. Continuing on from Impressionism, rather than being a visually analytical approach from start to finish, he isn’t flatly addressing pixelated paintings, I think it is essential that the high purity of his “sight” from his own personal experience of living in modern times emerges from his work. I expect that he will continue to develop as an artist in the future.
Kohei Nawa


Being part of the new activity of SEZON Museum of Modern Art, we would like to announce the launch of “SEZON ART GALLERY” in Jingumae/Tokyo. This space with “Life in Art” as a theme is where art works causing friction with the outside world are sold in our gallery being united with a café/dining bar where people can inflate their imagination.