Yuki Imai and Keisuke Katsuki

Yuki Imai and Keisuke Katsuki "CIRCUS Vol.1"



As a first step of excavating young artists, a duel exhibition of Yuki Imai and Keisuke Katsuki will be held.
Like the name of the show, 「circus」, beside the definition of circus as an performance, a circular arena, and holding the meaning of a circular point where two paths intersect, a space given where these different two blend and repel each other in time is being imaged.

Yuki Imai, using oil paint, repetitively strokes and projects until the spacial property starts to appear visible, lifting words outside the campus in time, constructs the image plain by groping the picturesque language outside its words and conception. When overlooked, the image that appears like an bright pattern by being trifled by the gradually conflicted color and the its strokes like a dissonance, carries a visual joy similar to a Gestaltzerfall when it is overlooked.

Keisuke Katsuki making iconography dropped into a flat surface the base using acrylic, transcripts it into a relief pattern using the pixel picture method where the immaterial light is converted into matter inside the image.
Unlike the impression similar to a projected image when viewed from a distance, it manifests itself into a medium where lump of individual colors are aggregated together up close, exposing that picture is about going back and forward the between the bipolar of image/matter and tactileness.
By projecting the three primary colors onto the canvas, going from flat to three-dimensional, the installation being conducted going further into the timeline questions what light, color, image, and picture is.
Please enjoy the space created by these two conducting their own pursuit, where the viewer is enfolded by the vivid use of color and visual gimmick.

Opening party

2017.01.09 (mon)

Yuki Imai

Born 1984 in Aichi prefecture. Graduated from the Tama Art University majoring in oil painting. Won the Koyama Tomio Scout Award on the GEISAI#8 held in 2005, and the Seizan Gallery Scout Award on the GEISAI#10 for the following year (2006). Exhibited in art fairs such as “YOUNG ART TAIPEI” (2011), and “ASIA TOP GALLERY HOTEL ART FAIR” (2012) held in Hong Kong from the ardish g booth.

Keisuke Katsuki

Born 1991 in Fukuoka. After graduating from Tokyo Zokei University with a BA in painting, received a MA from the same school majoring in fine arts. Currently works as an assistant at the same university. Aside from being selected to the ZOKEI Award during his times as an undergrad and graduate, won the grand prize from the Liquitex Art Prize in 2014. From 2014 to present, exhibited in numerous art fairs at both domestic and oversea locations.

Artist's Schedule

Yuki Imai

Keisuke Katsuki


Being part of the new activity of SEZON Museum of Modern Art, we would like to announce the launch of “SEZON ART GALLERY” in Jingumae/Tokyo. This space with “Life in Art” as a theme is where art works causing friction with the outside world are sold in our gallery being united with a café/dining bar where people can inflate their imagination.